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Subject:i don't know what to say. except for...
Time:10:21 pm
Current Mood:ecstaticecstatic
I GOT INTO MCGILL!!!!3Y8IYWQ732488!!!JWIJI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Subject:link of the day/month/year?
Time:11:49 pm
Current Mood:amusedamused

be sure to check out the artwork too.
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Subject:i hate having this feeling, not knowing what it is.
Time:12:45 am
Current Mood:upset
it's amazing how one unpredictable thing can completely change your life.

i just hope everything will be okay.
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Subject:Is there any value in gossiping?
Time:11:31 pm
Experts say gossiping ("evaluative talk about a person who is not present") comprises two-thirds of our total conversation, reports USA today. "Just by gabbing in the right way, you can expand your social circle, deepen your existing relationships, consolidate your sense of self and feel dramatically less stressed-in mere minutes. Not to mention the benefits to society at large: By using other people's triumphs and tragedies as fodder for discussion, we collectively define who we are and what we value as a culture."

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Current Music:none
Subject:update. maybe?
Time:09:08 pm
Current Mood:restlessrestless
i have so much work to do and i'm doing none of it. zero. i attempted to do my writer's craft essay but then i kept stumbling upon new lj's. it's so bad/amazing because i'm finding wicked awesome ones. oh god. must stop. well that's all for now, i can't disclose toooo much information. hah.
p.s, can people pleasssseeeeee update? i need to procrastinate further. thanks.
<3 Mar
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Current Music:none
Subject:BIG NEWS
Time:12:18 am
Current Mood:shockedshocked
So I'm on my way to bed after sitting through 3 hours of a tale of two cities, (which was actually quite good, btw) when i decided to check live journals for good measure, only to discover a journal i had never read before, belonging to, get this, MATT RITCHIE (_idiot_que). yes that's right, and very postable info, i should think. oh, and happy birthday lucy p, i heart youuuuuuu.
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Subject:love theseeeeee
Time:04:48 pm
W O U L D Y O U R A T H E R . . .

1) pierce your nose or tongue?:nose
2) be serious or be funny?:funny
3) drink whole or skim milk?:ew neither

A R E Y O U . . .

4) simple or complicated?: you tell me. um, i dunno, i can be both. i over-complicate things though.

D O Y O U P R E F E R . . .

5) flowers or angels?: ? angels, what?
6) grey or gray?: grey
7) color or black-and-white photos?: black and white
8) lust or love?: ooh, good one. um, love
9) sunrise or sunset?: sunrise
10) M&Ms or Skittles?: you can't compare chocolate to non-chocolate. smarties and m&ms fine. but not skittles. m&ms, btw.
11) rap or rock?: both
12) staying up late or waking up early?: staying up late
13) TV or radio?: TV
15) eating apples or oranges?: oranges

A N S W E R T R U T H F U L L Y . . .

16) Do you have a crush?:sure
17) Who is it?

D O Y O U P R E F E R . . .

18) being hot or cold?: hot. no cold. no hot.
19) tall or short people?: whateva
20) sun or moon?: sun. it's warm
21) emeralds or rubies?: emeralds
22) left or right?: left
23) having 10 acquaintances or 1 best friend? bff 4 life
24) sun or rain?: both. i heart rain
25) vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream?: vanilla
28) low fat or fat free?: the more fat the better.

M I S C E L L A N E O U S . . .

29) What is your biggest fear in the world?: the future
30) Kids or no kids? kids
31) Cat or dog?: either
32) Half empty or half full?: full
33) Mustard or ketchup?: yellow moutard
34) Hard cover books or soft cover books?: soft, they don't weigh as much so they're easier to carry around, therefore, easier to look intellectual
35) Newspaper or magazine?: newspaper
36) Sandals or sneakers?: sneakers. ew sandals.
37) Wonder or amazement: oooh ooh..both.
38) Red car or white car?: red
39) Happy and poor or sad and rich?: happy. clearly.
40) Singing or dancing?: dancing. oh god.
41) Hugging or kissing?: hmmm. both.
43) Happy or sad?: what is this?
45) Blondes, brunettes?: whateva

A B O U T Y O U . . .

What time is it?: 4:56 pm
Names of siblings and age?: ryry-19
Birthdate: september 6th
Pets?: cocoa
Height?: 5'6
Eye color?: brown
Hair color?: brown
Piercing(s): ears
Tats: nah

W H A T D O Y O U W A N T . . .

Where do you want to live?: not sure yet.
How many kids do you want?: i don't know.
Do you want to get married? sure

W H I C H I S B E T T E R . . .

2 doors or 4 (on a car)?: 4. i hate 2 door cars
Coffee or ice cream?: coffee ice cream or ice cream in coffee. no just ice cream actually.
Shampoo or conditioner?: well how could you choose conditioner? you can't condition without shampoo
Bridges or tunnels?: bridges
One pillow or two?: two

*. . .F A V O R I T E S . . . *

Salad dressing?: comforts
Color of socks?: argyle
food?: don't get me started
color?: red
Non-alcoholic drink?: water. that's a lie. lime perrier. or tea.

R A N D O M . . .

1 MINUTE AGO: made toast
1 DAY AGO: drunk
1 WEEK AGO: worried
1 YEAR AGO: i think i was probably really stressed out about rocky and the lack of boys in my life. haha.

* . . . I A M . . . *

Wearing: pj's
Current Music: rilo kiley
Current Hair: greasy
Current Annoyance: school
Current Smell: smoke (i haven't bathed myself since party)
Current thing I should be Doing:writers craft homework
Current Favorite Show: seinfeld
Current Book: middlesex
Current CD in your car: no car
Current Refreshment: water
Last Good Advice: mariel, you're amazingly perfect. don't change. hahahahaaahahahahahaaaaaah.
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Time:07:05 pm
Current mood: pained
Current music: none
Current taste: ditto
Current hair: black and shaggy.haha
Current clothes: green hooded sweatshirt, maroon pj pants
Current annoyance: school
Current thing I ought to be doing: homework
Current favorite band: Sarah Harmer
Current cd in stereo: Modest Mouse
Current Crush: oh god.
Current hate: school. and snow
Smoke?: nope
Have a dream that keeps coming back?: nah
Remember your first love?: what love?
Still love him/her?
Read the newspaper?: oui
Have any gay or lesbian friends?: oui
Believe in miracles?: christmas ones.
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: hmm. no.
Consider yourself tolerant of others?: i've gotten much better.
Consider love a mistake?: no
Like the taste of alcohol?: not really
Have a favorite candy?: chocolate
Believe in astrology?: nope
Believe in magic?: nope
Believe in God?: nope
Have any pets? Cocoa
Go to or plan to go to college: yep
Have any piercings?: my ears
Have any tattoos?: no
Hate yourself: meh
Have an obsession?: hahaha. certainly do.
Have a secret crush?: not secret
Do they know yet?:probably
Have a best friend?: yep
Wish on stars?: no
Care about looks?: i say no, but that's a lie.


First crush: Leith. Sigh.
Single or attached?: single
Ever been in love?: dunno
Do you believe in love at first sight?: no,except for the boy at Arlington cemetary. Now that was love.
Do you believe in "the one?": dunno


Have you ever been intoxicated?: um...?
Are you a tease?: haha. ha.
Shy to make the first move?: depends


Hair: dark brown
Eyes: browny green. hazel?
Height: 5'6


Bought: coffeeeee
Ate & Drank: grilled cheese, water
Read: Johnny got his gun
Watched on tv: Desperate House Wives


Talked to: Brianne
Hugged: Don't remember
Instant messaged: Matt Ritchie probably


Eat: depends
Cry: my room
Wish you were: Californiaaaaaaaa


Dated one of your best friends?: No
Drank alcohol?: yes.
Broken the law?: sure
Run away from home?: maybe when i was like 7
Broken a bone?: nope
Played Truth Or Dare?: course
Kissed someone you didn't know?: don't think so.
Been in a fight?: what kind?
Come close to dying?: probably


What's on your bedside table?: phone, lamp, honey candy, alarm clock.
What is your secret guaranteed weeping movie?: almost any romantic comedy
If you could have plastic surgery?: breast augmentation. haha.
What is your biggest fear?: the future
What feature are you most proud of?: proud?
Do you have too many love interests?: i wish
Crushes?: how many is too many?
Do you know anyone famous?: a few people
Describe your bed: squeaky
Spontaneous or plain?: spontaneous
Do you know how to play poker?: yep, especially indian poker.
What do you carry with you at all times?: cellular telephone
How do you drive?: i dont
What do you miss most about being little?: not caring about anything.
Are you happy with your given name?: yeah
What color is your bedroom?: Dark green. boooo
What was the last song you were listening to?: something classical.
Have you ever been in a play?: yes, a few
Who is your best friend?: well brianne of course
Do you talk a lot?: Yes, a lot. but i'm also good at not talking on occasion
Do you like yourself and believe in yourself?: I go through stages
Do you think you're good looking? not usually
Do poor, homeless people sometimes annoy you?: not annoy.
Do you consider yourself to be a nice person?: i think deep deep deep down i am a very nice person, actually.
Do you spend more time with your girlfriend, boyfriend, or your friend?: gf? bf? friend? i wish.
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Subject:I hate winter.
Time:06:41 pm
Being the good person I am, I grudgingly agreed to shovel snow today. So after school I shoveled for a good hour! It was ridiculous to extremes. I'm going to be in so much pain tomorrow. It's really ridiculous to assume that I would even shovel snow in the first place. I mean come on, can you really imagine me doing domestic chores? Especially ones that require physical labour? It's a bit much. We do have an excellent shovel however, though it sort of lost its charm after the first time I ever used it about 7 years ago. (Yes my child abusing parents forced me to shovel when I was ten years old.) Brianne came over and I challenged her to try to move the thick wet snow, but she decided it wasn't for her, blaming it entirely on my magical shovel. She was then quickly on her way. I've decided I thoroughly like having friends in the neighbourhood, though it's still quite a bizarre concept for me to be able to walk to a friend's house. It's great though because you can get to juicy gossip much quicker if the phone just isn't good enough.

Anyway, I had quite the day at school today. It kills me that people don't come to school due to the weather. I've noticed Mme. Hemming is never ever there when the weather sucks. She is not setting a good example. This is besides the point of course. So after my very amusing weekend, I decided I could no longer avoid the inevitable and I would have to face my fears. After talking to a certain person named Sarah however (I'll leave her last name out, and leave something to the imagination) things went wrong. She decided to talk to this individual that I was avoiding and told him not to smother me and to give me time, therefore implying that I'm interested?! So after talking to him after school I wasn't able to get the message across that I indeed am not interested in getting involved, because Sarah somehow drilled it into his head that all I needed was time. Uh oh. On the bright side, he is having a shindig on Friday, but I guess I should straighten things out before he gets anymore wrong ideas.
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Current Music:Modest Mouse- The Moon and Antarctica
Time:02:40 pm
Current Mood:accomplishedaccomplished
Ok, so I think I've sort of maybe finally figured out this whole lj thing. i'm still sort of in shock that i actually did it, but i need something to feed my internet/procrastination addiction, and since i have no msn anymore, this is the next best thing, fo sho.

Anyway, i'm not really sure whether a livejournal will be useful for me though because i will certainly be very very tempted to post the gossip up here (as i have much) but i'm not sure if that's such a good idea. considering, hopefully, that people will read this. i guess we'll just see how things go.
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